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Mintay established in 2000, in such a brief time, made its presence felt in the world ready to wear industry, securing its place among the leading shirt manufacturers in Europe. Clients soon discover that this high quality and fashion culture is to their benefit: Mintay as wisely adaptable, customer-focused company with the global research on fabrics and styling and within its high manufacturing quality standards, help clients benefits on European business opportunities.

Mintay is one of the world's top quality producers of premium mens and womens woven shirts within comany principles involved in shirt business for more than 32 year.

Applying state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing processes to secure, maintain and improve its position in the industry, the first and foremost priority of Ravelli has always been achievement the highest possible level of costumer satisfaction.

Mintay overall production efficiency, unique designs, effective and careful application of quality control processes, an on-time-delivery all together, carrying out support activities to increase market-share within each year.

In the Mintay's corporate culture manifesto, certain aspect almost instantly stand out; "The Mintay Shirt" is not only manufactured with the best fabrics, special designs, advance technology and by a qualified work force, but also with an unparalleled enthusiasm, utmost care, detailed attention, that is, with a feeling kind of love.

It should be also pointed out that Ravelli not only carries out the daily must's of a big industrial cooperation, but its also as highly socially aware,responsible company, that stand out as a big supporter of the human rights, health and social security. In this regard, Ravelli seeks compliance not only with Turkish law, but also within European and USA standards.