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''Clean and Safe Environment - Happily Ever After, and After ''

For common wealth of all citizens: Protection of the environment, improving rural and urban areas via the most appropriate use of land and natural resources, protection of water, soil, air pollution prevention, saving natural and historical riches of the country's plant and animal species, preserving the present and future generations of health , the level of civilization and the development and safeguarding of life in general are all  ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY.

For this reason, for keeping Nature and the environment from harmful contaminating , and for being protector of the nature balance in the best way, Mintay a.s. together with all employees, are doing maximum possibilities to apply to their behavior following rules:
- Disposing energy in non-polluting way and assure that all necessary measures are taken to prevent harm to the Nature.
- Maintain production waste separate according the gender. 
- Recycle (paper, glass, plastic...), and deliver them to the appropriate places.
- All organic and non organics wastage are kept in a closed containers in order to avoid pollution.
- Chemical substances (mineral oil, acid, base, etc..) if used are used in the most sensitive way and storage with all kinds of necessary measures to prevent the environment. Housing of such materials ensuring the security of same and upon use their waist being kept separately from the other waste containers.
- At the time when job is not provided means lamps and the machines switch-off.